№ 70 Adult ADHD

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📌 Outfits of the Day :: Q2 2022
📌 Pizza and Beer Yearbook
📌 SerpentineCider.com
📌 Lady Jupiter Podcast show notes blog

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Episode № 70 Adult ADHD

Welcome back everybody!
Lady Jupiter Podcast is the audio accompaniment to LadyJupiter.com a lifestyle blog where I write about my family’s military life, our home life, and other tiny details that I just like to share. I’m happy that you’re here with me.

In this episode I’ll share an update on our life as affected by the U.S. military, then continue with a blog update, and wrap up with my most recent domestic diversion and a check-in on Darlene.

Today in our military-affected lives I have nothing significant to update.
Like too many weeks before, we are watching Ukraine. *Sigh*

Otherwise, I don’t think I told you about a casual dinner Mister Jupiter and I had recently. Two previous commanders of his squadron happened to be in town, so we went out to dinner and had a great time. Hopefully we can get the families together again too – but at least while we were talking with another friend, I realized that one of their teen daughters will be the perfect recipient of my Punk Rock Starter Kit. Well, almost perfect.

The shirts may not fit, but that’s okay…I’m used to being so small that I can only give hand-me-downs to kids because there are more kids than tiny adults. Anyway I’ve set aside some vinyl and a leather jacket or two. There’s a signed photo of Tiger Army that I’ll regret giving away – but if she’s into it, I cannot hoard such treasures. I’m just always happy to share the things! I haven’t reached out to set up a drop off yet because I’ve been up to my eyeballs in TDYs, planning a road trip, dealing with local severe weather, and my own frequent doctors appointments – more on that later this episode.

For today’s LadyJupiter.com update…I started Outfits of the Day Q2, and I updated the Pizza and Beer Yearbook. Good thing, because we had pizza and beer for dinner the other night so I’m already one update behind despite just updating.

That one was extra delicious because the beverage wasn’t actually beer, it was hard cider. And not just any hard cider – an old friend happens to operate a cidery in San Diego, and I bought some 32oz crowlers. (That’s spelled c-r-o-w-l-e-r it’s a portmanteau of can and growler; that is to say it’s a very large can for takeaway orders). We ordered strawberry black pepper, salted margarita, fighting fennel (perry), and sour cherry. They were each amazing, and I highly recommend Serpentine Cider to anybody who enjoys adult beverages. If YOU are in or near San Diego, you are extra lucky because then you can visit their two locations, otherwise you can be like me and order via email. Different states have different laws, so not everyone can mail-order cider. Check their site for details – SerpentineCider.com. Link in the show notes of course.
📌 Outfits of the Day :: Q2 2022
📌 Pizza and Beer Yearbook
📌 SerpentineCider.com
📌 Lady Jupiter Podcast show notes blog

And now for my most recent domestic diversion…I wanted to share with you that I was finally diagnosed with ADHD, and very recently medicated. We haven’t nailed down my best medication or dosage yet, but I think we’re off to a great start. Starting this journey at the young age of 37 makes me wonder what I could have accomplished if I was medicated sooner – but we’ll never know. That’s all in a different multiverse and I can’t see those possibilities. Instead I feel a calmness in the brain that I haven’t had in a very long time.

I told Mister Jupiter that I felt like I was powered by twelve chihuahuas. Each one is full of anxiety, anger, and trembling. I had twelve of them so that my internal chaos always had a fresh battery when a chihuahua got tired. Most nights I slept easily because I was exhausted from handling those chihuahuas and not biting anybody. It was pure internal chaos. And now…every single chihuahua has actually clocked out and I don’t know where they are. I’m still me though; I forget everything, I don’t text back, I recoil at all notification bubbles…but that’s all. I’m not a different person. I’m not a robot, and I’m not suddenly going to get a Masters Degree from MIT either (but I am eyeballing something at Syracuse).

Anyway, I just wanted to share that. I never would have guessed that I had undiagnosed ADHD until one of my sisters started sharing content about how ADHD presents differently in women, and why so many of us slipped under the radar. It’s frustrating to know that I could have had help a long time ago, but it’s nice knowing why I operate and think differently. I’ve been pretty successful, all things considered. 

K through 12 was medium difficult, some years or subjects were very easy and others were very hard – they cancelled out. I got into plenty of trouble for being me, but that only motivated me to graduate early…so I did. It wasn’t the greatest high school GPA, but nobody cares about that. Then when I matriculated a decade later I mostly knew what I wanted from college, so picking a degree and kicking freshman ass was easy. I just spent a decade losing jobs to people with degrees but no experience, and my collegiate peers still lived at home. I was ruthless and collected As like a seasoned sharp shooter. I even joined a collegiate honor society because I qualified (heyooo Phi Kappa Phi) And now here I am. My nerd sash and nerd ropes from graduation are somewhere in the closet. I’m a suburban stay-at-home-writer thinking clearly for the first time in my life. I could have been a criminal mastermind.

Luckily I talked to Kid Jupiter about this potential side hustle, and here’s what he had to say:

[super cute baby babble!]

Thanks kid!

And a follow up from last episode – Darlene is doing great as far as I can tell.

When I walk by her nest I still say “Hey girl, heeey” and she says nothing. I can only assume that she’s keeping 12 eggs warm – I haven’t seen them for a week because she’s been sitting full time. Mister Jupiter caught her eating worms and bugs early one morning – so she’s just up before me (like most of the planet). We are having an annoyingly severe weather week, and I check on her between tornado sirens. She picked a great nest location – it’s up against the house and seems well-protected. The drainage is good, so I don’t think that the eggs aren’t resting in rainwater. She’s sitting on the eggs regardless, and we are just leaving her alone to do duck stuff.

And that’s it for today’s quick episode.

Show notes and transcript are available online. Visit LadyJupiter.com/podcast – scroll down to the link for Episode № 70 Adult ADHD.

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And while we’re in the mood to share, I want to share my appreciation for my listeners in Texas, Florida, New Mexico, plus Germany, France, and Japan ! I wish we could all get together for hot coffee, cold beer…or both. I do enjoy the occasional stout with espresso.

I will talk to you when I can record next – bye for now!

Episode № 70 shares casual life things from ordering beverages from San Diego, to getting diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. #LadyJupiter #LadyJupiterPodcast #AdultADHD #SerpentineCider

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