Episode 35: More Rocketbooks & The Best Black Eyed Peas I Have Made in My Entire Life

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📌 Picks of the Week №28
📌 Picks of the Week №44
📌 Picks of the Week №49
📌 Outfits of the Day (Autumn 2020)
📌 “Burnout” on Audible
📌 www.simplyhappyfoodie.com/instant-pot-black-eyed-peas/
📌 Pending post about how I use my letter-size Rocketbook
📌 Affiliate link to my letter-size Rocketbook on Amazon
📌 Pending Key Spouse Rocketbook post
📌 Ladyjupiter.com/Podcast
📌 www.ladyjupiterpodcast.wordpress.com

Best Instant Pot Black Eyed Peas

  • 1 onion, diced
  • 1 cup okra, fresh or frozen
  • 1/4 cup white wine (optional)
  • 1 14.5oz can crushed tomatoes, with juices
  • 1 4oz can diced green chilis, with juices
  • 1tsp smoked paprika
  • 1/4tsp dried thyme
  • 1 1/4 cup dry black eyed peas
  • 16oz chicken broth
  • 3 rashers of bacon, or some other fatty pork
  1. In the Instant Pot sauté onion until translucent
  2. Add okra, stir
  3. Add wine if using, let simmer and reduce for a minute
  4. Add crushed tomatoes, stir
  5. Add chilis and spices, stir and turn off heat when warm throughout
  6. Add dry beans, broth, and bacon (or whatever pork you have handy)
  7. Tighten lid, set valve to sealing
  8. Cook on high pressure for 17 minutes, then wait for natural pressure release
  9. Add salt and pepper to taste – enjoy!

Notes: I used a serving of pulled pork with success, and frozen okra. Recommend seasoning with Tony Chachere’s Creole seasoning to add more heat. This recipe was based on Sandy’s black eyed pea recipe at www.simplyhappyfoodie.com/instant-pot-black-eyed-peas/ – thank you for the inspiration!

✰ Full transcript —

E35: More Rocketbooks & The Best Black Eyed Peas I Have Made in My Entire Life

Welcome back everybody!
Lady Jupiter Podcast is the audio accompaniment to LadyJupiter.com a lifestyle blog where I write about my family’s military life, our home life, casual fashion, and travel…when possible. I’m happy that you’re here with me.
Today I’ll share an update on our life as affected by the U.S. military, continue with a blog update, then wrap up with my most recent domestic diversion.

Today in our military affected lives I have nothing significant to update.
Still no word on Mister Jupiter’s promotion, so we can assume then that he will not put on lieutenant colonel this year, and that it’ll be sometime in 2021. Hopefully early 2021.

For today’s LadyJupiter.com update…
I have so many updates! Especially since I last week’s show was special.
Since episode 33, I added two new posts (both backdated to the weeks that I started writing them) so that’s Picks of the Week №28 and Picks of the Week №44. I also refreshed several evergreens, added new photos to Picks of the Week №49, and this season’s Outfits of the Day post.
📌 Picks of the Week №28
📌 Picks of the Week №44
📌 Picks of the Week №49
📌 Outfits of the Day (Autumn 2020)

We can thank our nanny for my ability to write again – she gives me the freedom to focus on something other than my child, while knowing full well that he is happy and safe. I still use his nap times for showers, and his bedtime for cooking. And now I can write while he’s awake. Huzzah! It’s amazing how such a little thing can be a big deal.

And now for my most recent domestic diversion
I finally finished “Burnout” by Emily Nagoski PhD, and Amelia Nagoski DMA! It makes me feel so much better about my past self, because now I have a better understanding about why I was so explosive earlier this year. It was definitely burnout and I was unable to resolve stress cycles. So – apologies again if I snapped at you. I am getting better at managing stress. As usual I have a plan and I just need time to apply strategies that I need to improve.
📌 “Burnout” on Audible

Speaking of improvements, I made the very best black eyed peas and need to share the recipe with you. I wanted to try a new recipe before the new year so that I could have a recipe ready to go for January first (because Mister Jupiter and I are just southern enough to equate New Years black eyed peas with good luck). I wanted to use dry beans in my Instant Pot, and I didn’t want to use two pounds of beans, so my device and quantity-specific search lead me to Simply Happy Foodie dotcom where the black eyed pea recipe fit my request for cooking method and smaller quantity. Here is the link for the original recipe.
📌 www.simplyhappyfoodie.com/instant-pot-black-eyed-peas/

As usual – I immediately changed some ingredients to suit us, and the end result was AMAZING. If I ever make black eyed peas a different way, it’ll be a mistake. A grave mistake. I’ll write up the full recipe in the show notes – but for quick reference I only needed one and a quarter cup dry black eyed peas, plus one onion, one cup okra, a quarter cup of wine, one can of crushed tomatoes, one pint of chicken broth, a small can of diced green chilis, dried thyme, and smoked paprika. I didn’t have bacon or a ham hock available, so I used some frozen pulled pork instead – it was so good! It cooked on high pressure for only 17 minutes, and I had a serving for dessert. Next time I might just add some celery seed and crushed garlic, but otherwise it’s perfect. And I gave some to the nanny on her way out the other day – I can’t wait to hear her feedback.
In other news I am still just as obsessed with my Rocketbook as I was the other week. I’m drafting some templates and trying them out before any are made permanent via Sharpie. I am a big fan of two page spreads (that the spiral binding makes easy), so I like finding complimentary topics that can be page companions. My search for inspiring material has lead me to YouTube where people record “planner flip throughs” – which seems silly, but there’s demand. I don’t ever see myself recording a video about how I use my Rocketbooks, but I’ll probably write an annual post about them because I do like documenting progress.
📌 Pending post about how I use my letter-size Rocketbook
📌 Affiliate link to my letter-size Rocketbook on Amazon

Right now I am trying to make my reusable papers work for me in regards to the volunteer work I do with my husband’s squadron. I’ve been using paper to record those volunteer-specific details, but it feels so wasteful – plus I don’t know how I want to archive these details. Right now I am printing and using three pages of regular paper each month, and I know that there’s a better way – I just haven’t found it yet. I’m thinking about getting a medium size Rocketbook just for this volunteer position, especially since I can easily scan and upload pages to Google Drive. But I’ll at least brainstorm on if for a few more days. Either way (that is, whether I do or do not use Rocketbooks to help me organize my Key Spouse life), I will eventually write a new blog post about it. Which reminds me that I need to search for other Key Spouses who are sharing their data management. There’s always a chance that I am overthinking something simple – but I feel that if I am looking for something better, that I am not alone.
📌 Pending Key Spouse Rocketbook post

And that’s it for today’s show!
Show notes and transcript will be available on LadyJupiter.com/podcast – scroll down to the link for Episode 35: More Rocketbooks & The Best Black Eyed Peas I Have Made in My Entire Life.
📌 Ladyjupiter.com/Podcast

If you’re interested in getting fresh show notes in your email – I have a solution for you! Click over to my show notes blog, open any show note and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You’ll see a follow button – so follow that specific blog and you’ll get an email when I post new show notes. This gives you immediate access to the recipes that I must share immediately, and I have been pasting in the transcript – so the single email has everything you need in one place; link to the web player, list of links that I mention, and the full transcript. Amazing.
📌 www.ladyjupiterpodcast.wordpress.com

Follow or not – I’ll be back next week. Talk to you later, bye!

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