Episode 34: The Pandemic Thanksgiving Special

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E34: The Pandemic Thanksgiving Special

Welcome back everybody!
Lady Jupiter Podcast is the audio accompaniment to LadyJupiter.com a lifestyle blog where I write about my family’s military life, home stuff, my low maintenance beauty and fashion, and travel when possible. I’m happy that you’re here with me.

Today I’m going to stand two meters away from my usual content to talk about how the Jupiter House is having Thanksgiving in the midst of a global pandemic.

Like most military families, we move a lot, and our families do not. And like many families our parents are scattered across several cities so IF we can travel for holidays they are forced to take turns with us because everyone is so far away that it’s impossible to see everyone in one or two days. For example – our nearest family member is five hours away, and the farthest family members (and many friends) are in our hometown that is an additional six hours in the car. Between those points we have family members that would be one to three hour detours each…so the holidays are tricky for us because we need to drive so much.

If you haven’t noticed – we’re from Texas, and we often refer to drive *time* versus actual distance. So for the distance perspective – our nearest family is 350 miles away (or about 570 KM), and the longer drive to our hometown is an additional 340 miles (or 550 kilometers). We did actually tour the family the summer before COVID-19. We could only spend one afternoon with each household, it took a week, and we probably spent more time in the car than we spent with our families because we had to drive all over Texas. It was great seeing so many people, but it was exhausting.

Before COVID-19 was a household name, we already decided to stay home for Thanksgiving this year – and I am very thankful that we made this decision early when we had a choice. We still have a choice really – but we’re still choosing to stay home to protect our loved ones. It’s just convenient that we’re saving a ton of time not driving.

So what are we doing since we’re not traveling? Well, we are just going to stay home and do whatever we like. Mister Jupiter proposed that this year we will each pick two favorite things to eat, then we’re going to cook and eat those things. This year he picked smoked turkey and deviled eggs, I picked mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie filling, and for Kid Jupiter we added eggnog, and sliced cheese from the deli.

No Black Friday shopping at midnight for us either. I only did that once about ten years ago and I wasn’t impressed. Besides, I’ve already been shopping online since so many retailers started the Black Friday sales early. And I am okay with that. So Mister Jupiter may need to pry the credit card out of my cold hands, but we’ll still be entirely indoors. Same with the rest of Friday. No need to go outside, and no plans made, so we’ll stay in that day too. We are very thankful to have a warm home for our family; we have everything we need under one roof. Besides, if we get bored we have fun activities available like folding the laundry, putting away clean towels, and mopping the bathroom floor – so we don’t need to travel for entertainment either.

We are thankful each day for what we have and don’t have – especially as COVID-19 numbers rise and stress our hospitals to capacity. We are thankful for our health, and thankful for our family members who have either remained in good health or have recovered. We are thankful for hot coffee and cold beer. We are thankful for our big dogs, their big personalities, and their little innocent faces when cheese disappears from the kitchen. We are thankful for our normal neighbors and their love of a quiet neighborhood. We are thankful for nearby friends, camping chairs, and bicycles – because we like visiting our friends in their driveways. We are thankful for whale sharks, camels, and flamingos because they are interesting. We are thankful for big things like upcoming promotions, but we’re also thankful for the little things like Kid Jupiter’s love of reading, and his range of laughter.

I could go on, but I don’t want to bore you. Besides, I am super thankful for you too! Podcasting is a funny little hobby, and certainly a labor of love. I don’t do it for the number of downloads, or subscribers, or likes on the Facebook page. I do it because you care to listen, and I care that you care.

So with that in mind I’ll bid you adieu and I’ll be back on the first. Stay well and stay warm – bye for now!

Merry Thanksgiving! In this holiday special I step away from my usual show format and share some of the things that I am thankful for. #podcast #Thanksgiving #pandemic #athome #stayinghealthy

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