Episode 11: Corrective Tanning

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Episode Eleven: Corrective Tanning

Welcome back everybody!
Lady Jupiter Podcast is the audio accompaniment to ladyjupiter.com a lifestyle blog where I write about my family’s military life, also travel, home stuff, and my low maintenance beauty and fashion. I’m happy that you’re here with me.
Today I’ll share an update on our life as affected by the military, follow on with a blog update, then wrap up with my most recent domestic diversion.

Today in our military affected lives I have nothing significant to update.
Sorry for sounding like a broken record, but it’s a good thing! COVID-19 is impressing us with its powers of resurgence, and I’m just waiting for tighter restrictions from the Secretary of Defense. I am happy that a lot of people are taking this pandemic seriously, especially while the Commander in Chief refuses to wear a mask. It speaks volumes that the leader of a nation clearly has no respect for other people’s health…but I digress, he and I just have different opinions of what good leadership looks like.
Our Air Force Base has been offering curbside pickups at the Exchange, and special grocery shopping hours for vulnerable populations for months. I am planning a small trip to the Commissary in a few days, but I might delay that for a few because Commissaries are almost always packed on paydays – and I’m still avoiding crowds and most public places. There are about five things that I can only get from DeCA commissaries that are worth the trip (and therefor also worth a few days’ delay) – for me those are: best prices on olive oil, my favorite hot chocolate mix, German curry ketchup, and fun Japanese ramen from the international aisle.

For today’s ladyjupiter.com blog talk…
Since last week I have applied the final update to Outfits of the Day :: Spring 2020, and started Outfits of the Day :: Summer 2020. For the record I publish those posts early in the season, and update each week or so. So if you look at the Summer post now you will only see four outfits, but the end of July the same post will have more.
I am also working on a post that shares my leather jacket collection. It’s been on the back burner for a while, but last week someone found my blog by searching for a particular brand jacket that I own. So now I feel like other leather jacket lovers need me to share my photos. I hope they’re ready to see my bathroom and various corners of my house! With all usual festivals and gatherings cancelled my original photo plans have been dashed. So instead of seeing my jackets in action having fun, you’ll see my jackets having staged fun – like siblings getting together to smile around a Monopoly board.
And now it’s time for another shout out to visiting countries or applied VPNs – yesterday ladyjupiter.com was visited by readers in eight countries. From the most visits to the fewest, I would like to say hello to my friends in United States, Australia, Mexico, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, South Africa, and India. I hope you all found something interesting or valuable in my little corner of the internet.

And now for my most recent domestic diversion:
I have two listener requests! So instead of folding the laundry that’s been in the dryer for the past five days, I want to address these two important requests. Nick in Arkansas wanted to hear about corrective tanning, and Kim in Texas thinks that I need to share my most recent summer drink – so here goes!
Corrective tanning is something that I do to correct bad tan lines, because my skin holds onto melanin VERY well – and if left alone it can easily take an entire year or more for awkward lines to finally fade. So I don’t wait for the fade, I try to even out the brown.
Case in point – Las Vegas pool parties. Inevitably I change suits and don’t always reapply sunscreen as often as I should. One summer I flew in with same color skin, then a few days later I departed darker, and with much darker angry eyebrows on my chest. Guess who no longer buys strappy swimwear? It’s me! *sigh*
My simple goal was to be one color again, and as soon as possible. So I developed my own corrective tanning solution. It is a two pronged approach. First I prevent deeper tanning by wearing a higher SPF sunscreen daily on all tanned skin, then second I go tanning with clothes on – this is hands-down one of the silliest and most effective things I’ve done in the past ten years.
So yes, I’ll get a tanning salon membership and wear clothes in the bed. Arms and legs are easy to cover when you’re corrective tanning – just get creative with pants, sweaters, and towels. Strappy swimgear correction is a little trickier, with fine lines and all – this is where high SPF facial sticks really shine, link in the show notes! Apply this high SPF product (or a zinc based sunblock) on the burned strips of flesh and give the pale surround a chance to gain a little color. Make sure that any sunscreen or sunblock doesn’t actually touch the bed though – this is a courtesy to your tanning establishment – keep the bed clean for others who are traditionally tanning! Luckily corrective tanning measures vary from person to person, so several factors can be changed to suit your needs. You can modify your daily SPF, you can get creative with rash gaurds in a tanning bed, you can buy time in a standing booth so you can easily not touch any surfaces – or, the most economical of all – you might be able to lay out in your own backyard and use your home for shade. That’s my preferred route, but not always an option if you don’t want your neighbors to see the beacon of light that your backside may be. I’ve had the…unique privilege to live in hilly neighborhoods when I would like some privacy, so I have just learned to embrace the tanning membership – but only for corrective purposes.
How long it takes to even out your color depends on your skin, your sunscreens, and your corrective tanning – so what takes me all winter (say once a week for three months) can be corrected sooner if your contrast isn’t as great, or if you tan in higher wattage beds than I am willing to pay for. Regardless, you’ll do well to exfoliate the extremes, moisturize well, and stay well hydrated. Speaking of hydration –
All of this tanning talk is making me thirsty so now’s the perfect time to address the second request – my current favorite summer beverage! It’s a fruit juice popsicle in wine. My favorite combination right now is a lime juice popsicle in Chardonnay. I’m using the frozen fruit popsicles in a green box, but you can easily make your own – especially if you want to control the sugar content. I place one popsicle in a beer glass and pour about five ounces of chardonnay. No particular favorite to recommend – I’m slowly trying to expand my chardonnay palette, so I try a different bottle each month. I am trying to nail down solid favorites for three specific profiles; one buttery for sipping, one light & fruity for afternoon treats, and one lemony for cooking. I am open to recommendations, and please feel free to email me your favorite chardonnays to podcast@ladyjupiter.com.
Meanwhile Mister Jupiter prefers the raspberry popsicle. The lime popsicle is my favorite, it makes me want a pitcher of margaritas, and I might tinker with some mini cocktails later. By “mini cocktails” I definitely mean jell-o shots.

And that’s it for today’s show!
Show notes and transcript will be available in a few days on ladyjupiter.com/podcast – scroll down to the link for Episode Eleven: Corrective Tanning. If you have a special request that you want to hear on the show – just let me know! If you have my phone number, your are welcome to text me, and if not you can certainly email me (podcast@ladyjupiter.com) or comment anywhere on ladyjupiter.com.
I’ll be back on the first, so until then, I hope you all had a great solstice, and that the shortening days don’t bum you out too much. Talk to you soon – bye!

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