Episode 8: Coffee & Netflix

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Episode Eight: Coffee & Netflix

Welcome back friends!
Lady Jupiter Podcast is the audio accompaniment to LadyJupiter.com a lifestyle blog where I write about my family’s military life, also travel, home stuff, and very casual fashion. I’m happy that you’re here with me.
Today I’ll share an update on our life as affected by the military, follow on with a blog update, then wrap up with my most recent domestic diversion.

Today in our military affected lives I have nothing significant to update.
Mr. Jupiter has been working some very long days, but that was expected. He still manages to do the dishes when he’s home, so further proof that he is in fact the very best. Otherwise we are looking forward to a little downtime later this month, but no particular plans. In the past we would be in Las Vegas. We would hang out in a hotel pool on the strip until I turned three shades darker brown. Then we would go swing by my favorite sushi place in the Paris Hotel Casino, and we would return home absolutely exhausted. But this year we just might simply stroll our local downtown with Kid Jupiter, maybe grab a curbside dinner, and find fun things to make with our 3D printer.

For today’s LadyJupiter.com blog talk
I have a few updates, nothing very impressive. I have added more photos to Outfits of the Day Spring 2020 (link in the show notes at LadyJupiter.com/podcast), I put up a quick post about Why I Stopped Wearing Makeup because I plan on referencing it later, and I have about ten different posts in various stages of drafting and editing. I wish I could tell you when those posts will be up and available, but I can’t. The problem is that I I don’t have any dedicated writing time, so I just write and edit whenever I can squeeze it in. I might finish them all tomorrow, or it might take one month for each post – nobody knows. Thank goodness that I don’t give myself deadlines, but I do live on progress and genuinely enjoy publishing things, so I’m working in it.

And now for my most recent domestic diversion
I’ll let you all know that the transition from 35 to 36 was smooth. Big thanks to everyone who texted, called, left text audio messages, and facebook messages – I read and listened to them all and cherished each one. If you’re listening now and realizing that you forgot to send a birthday wish – don’t worry about it! We’ll toast each other belated birthday wishes over a cold beer or hot toddy depending on when I see you next.

Also I quite enjoyed my birthday shout out on Eli‘s Super Fantastic Podcast! His podcast is hosted on Anchor dot fm, yet he is also available on Spotify, Apple podcasts, google podcasts and more!
Our respective shows have a hilarious overlap this week. Not only have we both been calculating our daily coffee intake (half gallon for him, and 38oz for me (that I follow up with another 38oz of green tea)), but we also just had a brush with the Netflix series Mad Men.

Last week we were both told independently that we needed to watch the show. I said that I have wanted to because I heard good things about the costuming and the cast. So I open up Netflix and see that Mad Men is leaving soon. I would have to watch one entire season each day to catch up before its departure. While that does sound fun, I don’t have the time. However, Mr. Eli of Eli’s Super Fantastic Podcast saw that same time crunch as a challenge that he accepted. I know I missed out on this show while it’s fresh, but surely it will be available in the future. Maybe it’ll come back to Netflix when Kid Jupiter is bigger and I’m caught up on other shows. I know it’s 100 percent silly, but Mister Jupiter and I decided to start watching Supernatural from the beginning and have 15 seasons to watch. It’s filling the hole in our hearts that X-Files left long ago – while not the same, it’s at least adjacent and enjoyable.
Oh, and I also need to watch Daria, and probably Buffy or Angel. Meanwhile I’m over here just wishing that Firefly lasted for more than one season. At least I know that the Whedons are still doing well and busy writing in the Marvel Comic Universe.

And that’s it for today’s show! If you haven’t subscribed yet, I am now on iHeartRadio.com. I don’t know how many of you stream at work, but I know I used to years ago, and iHeart Radio made listening easy. Otherwise I am also searchable and available for free on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Tune In, Podcast Addict, Podchaser, Deezer, Listen Notes, Overcast, Pocketcast, Castro, and Cast Box. Say those ten times fast!

I’ll be back on the 15th, so I’ll talk to you then, bye!

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