Episode 0: Introduction

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Episode 0: Introduction

Welcome to Lady Jupiter Podcast. This podcast is an audio accompaniment to LadyJupiter.com; a blog about military spouse life, traveling, home, and casual fashion. This podcast is a medium for audio editorials but also a little behind the scenes view into lifestyle blogging and real life changes as they come up.

So who am I? My name is Tracey, but feel free to call me Lady Jupiter. I have a bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing, and have lately been a freelance editor & blogger. I’m also a stay-at-home mom, so I work from home, but it’s far from relaxing. I started blogging a few years ago, simply to have a creative outlet that could move easily and not get damaged. I chose general lifestyle blogging because it can encompass so many topics, I didn’t feel like I was being pigeon-holed into one small niche, instead I could share my knowledge and expertise in a few broad topics.

And that’s where this podcast comes in. I’ve always enjoyed writing topical editorials, but they never really felt at home on LadyJupiter.com. So moving new editorials to this podcast gives me the literal breathing space to speak beyond my categories, and also give you the chance to get to know me better. On one hand you could say that this podcast is a new hobby discovered during my COVID-19 shelter in place, but on the other hand you could say that I’m just jumping into a field that I wanted to be in since the early 2000s when I started listening to Apple Podcasts and was inspired (like so many others) by Leo Laporte and This Week in Tech.

It only took about 15 years to…change my life, get a degree, and gain the media experience to self-produce this show. Since this is Episode zero, we’ll end it here and let this be the introduction. Whether you are listening in real time or just any time after this initial upload, episode zero will always be the best place to meet me and get a quick feel for who I am. Email questions and comments to podcast@ladyjupiter.com. Show notes are available at ladyjupiter.com/podcast. I’ll be back soon for Episode one and I look forward to sharing more with you. Bye!

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